The Simpler Side of Complexity

ATS’ IT Services Division provides highly flexible solutions to enterprise customers around the world. From our service desk operation that provides 24/7 call resolution to hands-on support embedded in your organization, ATS will work with you to provide a custom solution to your IT service needs. With 30 years of experience working for some of the most respected companies in the world, ATS earned its reputation for customer satisfaction by giving customers what they want—excellent service.

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Service Desk Management

The Service Desk team’s goal is to proactively remediate issues before they become a critical business issue. Each customer is provided with a customer-specific dedicated team to take care of their needs, 24x7x365. Our technicians own the call resolution process from start to closure, escalating problems as needed to meet service level objectives. Our extensive experience supporting hardware and software products provide a unique platform for our team to deliver level I and II support. Advanced technical resources within the Technical Operations Center help to ensure the IT systems within your organization remain operational when you need them most.

  • Enhance business agility. EnterpriseWatch™ Service Desk is a fully managed service offering that scales to your business. Capacity is easily deployable on-demand without installation or upgrade of hardware, software and infrastructure.

  • Improve internal operations. Built for ITIL by industry experts, EnterpriseWatch™ Service Desk features processes that are proven to boost operational efficiency and quality.

  • Increase service levels. EnterpriseWatch™ Service Desk lets you realize the efficiency gains and operational insights needed to deliver more effective, responsive and reliable services to your customers.

We have the technical expertise and solution for whatever your business issues require: EnterpriseWatch™ state-of-the-art Service Desk, EnterpriseWatch™ self-service portal on a browser or mobile device and professional onsite technicians. We deliver the expertise whenever and wherever your customers desire.

Our Technical Operations Center (TOC, the brain of our Service Desk offering) is not a traditional help desk or call center... it is the single point of contact for the services we sell. The calls received are dynamic and technical, requiring problem identification and remediation. The TOC is located in two different U.S. locations for geographic diversity for disaster recovery.

Our Technical Operations Center is fully staffed by career technicians and engineers. Each individual technician follows a technical and professional development plan that includes on-going advanced training and certifications. Each technician is also responsible for taking ownership of a specific customer’s environment.

Utilizing the EnterpriseWatch™ suite of tools, our Technical Operations Center provides customers monitoring, patch management, alert notifications, multi-level reporting and remote access for remediation and troubleshooting. Customers receive level I, level II, and Advanced Technical Resources support, based on their unique requirements.

Our Advanced Technical personnel have all the latest professional accreditations and industry certifications to resolve the issues that arise from your workforce and business environment.

  • A+
  • Network+
  • Security+
  • Server+
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional
  • Cisco Certified
  • Certified VMware Professional
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • Citrix Professional
  • MSPAlliance Accredited CMSP

Client Computing Management

A growing reliance on mobile technologies - along with new regulatory mandates, virtualization and the ever-accelerating pace of change - is forcing IT organizations to strive to meet user demand for greater access to information resources from any location, at any time.

Research firm IDC estimates that the total cost of managing a PC can be as much as $1,000 per year, making it easy to see how support could eat up an IT budget. Device replacement (PCs, laptops, workstations), end user support, software distribution and break/fix service are just a few of the areas that ATS’ Client Computing Management (CCM) managed service excels in.

Our CCM services compliment your internal resources by providing skilled professionals, with extensive knowledge, unique skill sets and the ability to handle peak workloads; thus allowing your in-house staff to concentrate on core business areas. You can get immediate access to our trained staff and the tools to support both your non-routine and unique needs, to ensure business continuity.

Your business is dynamic, and Client Computing activities are an integral part of any IT organization's asset and service management initiatives. Relocations, staff changes, the selection of new equipment providers all require changes to your end-user infrastructure. ATS CCM Services can shoulder the burden of planning, scheduling, reporting and updating asset management systems as your business evolves.

As an extension to your existing outsourcing strategy for desktop, LAN and infrastructure operations, change management activities are a natural next step. CCM services from ATS can provide consistent service based on best practices to ensure that infrastructure changes are done quickly and properly.

You know that tighter control of your client computing resources will drive immediate cost savings, but you have to balance that control with improving your end user experience and delivering hassle free, intelligent reporting. And all this when your in-house resources are fully tied up in maintaining the status quo.

On top of all this, you want to make sure that your business takes full advantage of desktop virtualization and flexible working to grow your business.

We can help you deliver one point of access and reporting utilizing myEnterprise portal for your end users, linking seamlessly to your systems or providing ours as yours. Real partnership is key and our aim is to operate as an extension of your resources.

How can you simplify your engagement process and give your users an easy way to get help - and know the status of their request - whether they want to request new equipment, obtain support or arrange for disposal of their existing kit?

We can help you deliver cost savings and enhanced user experience, fully aligned to your business through one process and one inventory underpinned by a flexible, dynamic catalogue, not to mention one service level agreement.

Your users can get everything they need from their one easy to access point of contact and management reporting - your myEnterprise self-serve portal available on web browsers and mobile devices.

How do I get 24/7, cost effective support that gives my users a great experience? Businesses need more than just upfront cost savings alone from their supply and maintenance service, they need an end user support structure that delivers benefits throughout the lifetime of the contract, irrespective of support demand.

Business environments undergo a rapid and constant change - bringing in a need for better IT services and improved implementation techniques. With these changes comes the need for installing new hardware, moving to better work environments, adding or upgrading existing infrastructure and so on. In short, the need for comprehensive IMAC solutions is being increasingly felt across all verticals.

IMAC (Installs, Moves, Adds and Changes) are an extension of our Break Fix Services and involve dispatching a trained and qualified technician to install new products, move devices, or perform software and hardware upgrades. From the installation of a wireless network to upgrading the memory capacity of hundreds of desktops in your remote offices, our IMAC Services handle IMAC activity of any size or scope.

Systems Performance Management

When your systems are down, your business is down. The occurrence of unscheduled downtime can be disastrous for organizations. All daily business operations come to a stop, employee productivity ceases and business transactions grind to a halt. This can potentially cost a typical business thousands of dollars a minute and millions of dollars each year. The truth is, if your systems are left unmonitored, your network and computers will inevitably fail.

The complexity of IT and the perception of increased risk can be a barrier to adopting new technologies for many organizations. However, the application of new and improved IT solutions can create real opportunities to increase efficiency and gain a competitive advantage.

Our EnterpriseWatch™ Systems Performance Management (SPM) Services are designed to create this advantage for you and your business without the risk and complexity that can exist within an unmanaged environment. We will ensure that IT remains an asset to your business and help optimize your returns from your technology investments. Our SPM services platform provides the ability to easily monitor, track and manage the lifecycle of each IT asset from purchase through retirement, making sure you get the most out of vendor warranties, and maximizing its performance and value along the way.

SPM and our team of expert technicians will perform system-wide trend analysis and identify specific ways to optimize configurations, streamline processes and reduce operational risks with your IT. The result is that you get to take advantage of new technical solutions without having to worry about how to manage or maintain it, and you can be confident that the value of your IT investment is being protected.

Your IT systems exist to support and grow your business. However your systems are our business and their uptime is paramount to just one of the objectives we strive as your service provider. The process of scaling and utilization of resources is a difficult task yet crucial to developing an efficient and sustainable business model. If only you could clone your technicians and immediately increase your resources.

With SPM, part of our EnterpriseWatch™ suite of services, you can immediately employ trained and professional resources to assist with the day-to-day monitoring and resolution issues 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from our state-of-the-art Technical Operations Center! As part of the SPM offering, your users will use myEnterprise self-service portal for submitting and checking on all their IT requests anywhere, anytime, and on any device. This gives you the time to focus on strategic growth and a proactive, preventative approach to IT service delivery.

Our SPM service and team of technical professionals will perform 24x7x365 monitoring and asset inventory management to ensure the health, availability and performance of your IT infrastructures. They will review alarms, filter for false alarms, escalate issues and suggest resolutions. This gives you the time to prioritize your workload, reliably meet aggressive service level agreements in a cost-efficient manner and assure the availability of mission-critical applications.

We will apply a proactive approach to managing and resolving IT issues before they have critical impact to your business. In addition to monitoring, SPM conducts routine tasks such as patch management and maintenance, and then takes the next step to remediation of monitoring alarms encountered.

Employ SPM and see the results:

  • Implement best practice IT service delivery according to ITIL best practices.
  • Maximize the usage of your technical resources and focus your staff on higher-level support and services rather than monitoring alarms or patches
  • Maintain complete control over usage, data collection and end user interaction.
  • Triage and remediate alarms generated via monitoring
  • Eliminate the "noise""
  • Deliver 24x7 IT services without 24x7 IT costs
  • Extend your ability to provide a full range of IT service capabilities
  • Meet and exceed user service level expectations with myEnterprise self-service portal and mobile experiences
  • Enhance bottom-line profitability
  • Scale immediately without hiring staff or adding overhead

Mobile Device Management

Meet the diverse challenges of enterprise mobility head on - with EnterpriseWatch Mobile Device Management (MDM). This scalable MDM and MAM service is built on over 20 years of enterprise mobility experience – and can help you secure corporate data, control support costs, and automate ongoing tasks such as tracking assets, configuring apps, and distributing data.

  • Trust your enterprise mobility management to a leader in Managed Services for enterprise IT organizations
  • Support multi-OS and a secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) workplace
  • Safeguard corporate data across devices with "no touch" remote access

Rely on a proven solution with thousands of customers around the world.

EnterpriseWatch MDM features critical business capabilities that allow our customers to enforce access policies on eligible devices, detect jail-broken devices, enforce application policies and restrict downloadable applications through whitelists and blacklists. We will also enforce rules related to separating personal and corporate content and detect any separation violations.

Our EnterpriseWatch MDM service supports many policy enforcement and compliance features, including acceptable use, centralized administration and "over-the-air" provisioning.

Give your IT department anytime, anywhere control over all of your deployed devices and applications with EnterpriseWatch MDM. This comprehensive service comes complete with advanced security features and real-time analytics – for the tools and insights you need to protect your mobile data by our 24/7 Service Desk.

  • Gain actionable insight into real-time device usage and status
  • Deliver apps from the client-side myEnterprise portal – quickly and securely

Leverage advanced security features such as native lock and wipe, password enforcement, and gated access.

Better manage your mobile environment. Leverage real-time analytics to get actionable insight into device status, optimize mobile inventory levels, improve license management for third-party apps, and more.

  • Automate key mobile device management processes
  • Easily manage multiple operating systems
  • Leverage an integrated enterprise app storefront
  • Run real-time analytics for telecom expense management(TEM)

Rely on best-in-class MDM scalability for thousands of devices.

Centrally control all mobile devices and tablets – including iPhones, iPads, Androids, and BlackBerrys – as well as the apps that run on them. Our proven mobile device management service will easily enroll, deploy, and monitor multi-OS solutions and apps.

  • Selectively wipe and remove business apps and data while leaving personal data intact
  • Secure devices with an enforced passcode policy and two-factor authentication
  • Provision policy compliance prior to device enrollment
  • Easily configure devices with role-based access to an administrative console
  • Protect data with a scalable, secure architecture
  • BYOD and BYOA ready with Multi OS support

Maximize employee satisfaction and productivity by supporting a protected Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) work environment. Our mobile device management service helps your IT department secure personally-owned mobile devices and business apps – for less pressure on IT and a better work-life balance for your employees.

  • Establish end-user and IT communication between devices and OS version requirements
  • Monitor, enforce, and audit costs with applied metrics for BYOD analytics
  • Match BYOD device permissions with company-approved mobile apps
  • Offer business-critical IT services, including VPN, email, apps, and WLAN access

Identify risk profiles for common security issues on personal devices

Secure and manage your mobile devices and applications with EnterpriseWatch MDM’s scalable cloud platform. This low cost, high returns service for enterprise mobility management provides IT with a faster, easier way to provision your devices and scale to business demands – without an up-front capital investment.

  • Provision "no-touch" in-house apps over-the-air to end users
  • Push policies and configurations over-the-air without requiring the Service Desk
  • Securely manage enterprise and personal apps separately
  • Extend compliance and policies to personally owned devices and apps
  • Enhance security with the ability to remotely lock and wipe devices
  • Ensure compliance with gated access to corporate assets
  • Provide accurate, comprehensive asset information to IT administrators

Release and Deployment Management

Organizations' ever-increasing reliance on IT systems presents a challenge for deploying applications, hardware components, software updates and patches without disrupting mission-critical services. Our Release and Deployment Management (RDM) replaces ad- hoc implementation efforts with a structured, repeatable and systematic process, thereby keeping production environments stable, efficient and auditable, and avoiding costly downtime. A systematic approach to Release and Deployment Management delivers multiple benefits:

  • Automate deployment tasks
  • The ITIL-based workflow enables release managers to coordinate, monitor and automate deployment tasks for a streamlined deployment cycle.
  • Minimize deployment risks
  • ITIL best practices for planning, impact analysis and testing increase the visibility of the deployment process ensuring reliable, secure and stable production environments.
  • Anticipate and alleviate deployment problems
  • A combination of dynamic impact analysis and proactive rollback planning enables IT staff to anticipate and alleviate any potential deployment problems before they occur.
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • RDM tracks all deployment activities automatically - providing an audit trail for regulatory compliance and for continued improvement of the Release Management process.
  • Reduce operation costs

Replacing inefficient and often disorganized release practices with RDM’s structured, consistent and repeatable workflow results in cost savings and more efficient operation.

Dedicated space. Dedicated support staff. Once inventory is received, it is placed in our inventory control system with a single point of contact assigned to manage the account. Warranty management is streamlined by standardizing collection and storage processes for equipment including receipt of warranty, inventory inspection and palletizing of assets.

Repairs, refreshes or asset recovery services – we have you covered. Through our ISO 9001 registered and ISO 17025 accredited repair facilities, all repairs are sent back better-than-new. Defective onsite inventory exchanges are also available through our Hot Swap capability.

Through activity tracking, machines are upgraded with new hardware components and software bringing them to required specifications. And if your assets are at the end of their life, we will remove and destroy all confidential data according to the US Department of Defense guidelines.

Reduce onsite labor expenses with our staging and configuring capabilities serving as an alternative solution for integrators who want to build custom systems for their clients. We will deploy IT assets requiring custom image loads and hardware integration. From automated scripting to remotely installing drive packs and final imaging, EnterpriseWatch™ RDM will give you peace of mind.